The greatest investor

How to Play

How to setup the game?


1Provide all players with the next assets: - 1x The Netherlands AEX Stocks - 1x US S&P 500 Stocks - 1x Real Estate Amsterdam - Apartment - 1x All World ETF - 10,000 in cash
2Point out one player who will play the bank. This player manages the money and the put and call options
3On the beginning of every round, players can choose to buy either a put or a call option. When all players have played their rounds. The puts and calls can be bought again.
4When everybody had the choice to buy a put or call, the youngest player can start the game.
5Every player has 2 actions to complete.
6Action1: Draw an asset card and make the choice what you are doing with it
7Action 2: Draw an event card and carry out the action on the card. The action influences all players.
8The game is finished when all the Event cards are played.
9Count the total value of your portfolio and half of your remaining cash. The player with the most value can claim the title on The Greatest Investor ever.

Animation video